Bexxy’s TDMBGPOP Guide

Posted by Bexxy On February - 1 - 2014

Bexxy’s TDMBGPOP Guide


So peoples I’m back with a new guide, you missed me didnt you….

didn’t you??

Oh… ok then you didn’t….

For those of you “in the know” TDMBGPOP makes perfect sense, but for those of you who may not have heard yet TDMBGPOP stands for (T)he (D)iscarded (M)agical (B)lue (G)rundo (P)lushie (O)f (P)rosperity. You see what we did there?!


Somebody has left their Blue Grundo Plushie here. What a poor unwanted little guy, maybe you should talk to him… no, he’s just a toy, he won’t answer you. Don’t be silly!

Aww poor plushie.

This plushie can be found in Faerieland.



Once you visit the plushie you should always talk to him, I mean it cant be fun hanging around in that tree alone all day can it. If you talk to him you have a chance of winning a prize, or a spiffy Avatar for your collection, so really…






The Past…

The poor Discarded Plushie first showed up in Faerieland in 2004, but he didnt look like he does now. This is how he looked back in 2004…


…Back in 2004 the plushie didnt say anything other then (….) or (o_O) and he also didnt give out any prizes or avatar. He laid there on his lonely cloud untill the revamp of Faerieland in 2009, when he fell from his cloud and snagged on a tree…


…After this point he started giving out Prizes, an Avatar, Neopoints, and Helping your pets out! There are a few things you can win from the plushie, and they are…

Nothing Happens

Your active pet gets hungry

Your active pet feels fuller

Your active pet is healed

Your active pet gets sad


Your active pet gains an intelligence point

You receive Neopoints (around 1,500)

You receive a random r89 or lower toy

You receive a special plushie only given out here

…Special plushies you heard me say huh?! I guess you want to know what those are right?


Well im gonna tell you anyway so Pfft!!



…None of these plushies are worth more than 1 Neopoint.

Well that is all.    Why not check out these games like maplestory

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