How to Play Neopets Beginners Guide

Posted by toadsage On February - 24 - 2014

If you’re New To Neo this is the guide for you!

So first lets find out what Neopets is, according to the Neopets website and Wikipedia… Neopets is a virtual pet Community. Players can create accounts, own virtual pets called Neopets, and buy virtual items for them using virtual currencies. Neopets come in a variety of species and colors and users can create or adopt them. Users can get items to interact with their Neopet, such as books to read and toys to play with them. Neopets can be customised with certain clothing items, paint brushes, backgrounds, and accessories.

Neopia is a virtual planet with fantasy lands inhabited by Neopets and other virtual creatures. Each land has a different theme, and their own shops, games, and attractions. Neopia has its own calendar and timezone, which runs with real-world Pacific Time, and also celebrates certain real world holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. It has its own economy and stock market based on Neopoints too.



Before you create your account, you should think of a few usernames you would like, you cant change it once you have it so make sure you pick a name you will be happy with. There are some rules for usernames too, your username must be between 6 and 20 characters long, You can use any letter of the alphabet but they have to be lowercase only (no capitals), any numbers, and the underscore _ too. Your username cannot contain profanity, or references to violence. Once you have a selection of usernames you are happy with you can click on sign up and away we go….


Once you click on check availability one of two things will happen.


Your username will already be taken in which case you then input the next one from your list of usernames you like and click check availability again. Or your username will be available to create in which case we move on to your password.In order to protect your account you will want to create a VERY strong password, see the examples below for what is a good password and a bad password to create. Please dont use that exact password though, but plenty of random letters and numbers and symbols is good!


Click next

Now its time to tell the people of Neopets who you are. Make sure you enter correct details here or at least write them down somewhere in case you should ever need this info!


Now you dont have to put in your actual gender or date of birth here, but if you choose to put in false details you really need to remember them. Once you enter these details, click next, and then its time to enter your email address. Now listen closely, it is VERY VERY important to use a valid email address, because if you ever lose access to your Neopets account you will need to get into your email for the details to be sent to you.


Then its time to pick your pet. I cant really advise you on this as it comes down to personal preference, so browse the options and make a choice based on which you like the look of. When choosing your new pets name, make sure you choose something you will like forever as names cannot be changed once created, click check availability untill you find a name you like that is available.


There are a couple of species you should only pick if you really like them, because they do have the ability to eat any item, and can also munch on items from your inventory when youre not looking.


Now once you have your pet chosen, and its name all picked out you can pick some stats and such from the menu under where you put the name. It really doesnt matter what you choose here as all stats that matter can be changed later. At this point when you click next you will be taken to the Neopets main page, well done you, you are now a Neopian! I advise you to take he tutorial if this is your first time in Neopia as its very informative!

Once the tutorial has ended its time to get your newbie pack…


When you are in your inventory you will then be prompted to collect your newbie pack! Simply click “get my newbie pack” and it will refresh your page and your pack items will be there waiting for you.


Everyone’s Newbie Pack is basically the same with only one or two variations. So lets take a look at what you get and what you can do with them.


You only get two of these Brushes, but you will get two different ones. You cant sell or trade these items and they are just in case you want to change the colour of your pet, or get used to how painting a pet works.


You only get two of these Starter Petpets, These also cannot be traded or sold, but they will help keep your pet happy until you can buy a petpet of your choosing.


You also get to visit the NC mall and claim your free 150 Neocash, To claim that you just go here…

Now you are ready to play Neopets, and start earning your Neo-Fortune ill be putting a 0 – 1million Neopoint guide together shortly.

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