Ultimate Meepit Collectors Guide!

Posted by Bexxy On January - 22 - 2014

Bexxy’s Guide To Collecting Meepits!

(and meepit related items)


Everyone loves Meepits, lets face it we have no choice, however some people’s dedication to Meepits goes one step further, and they decide they NEED to make a gallery to show their love for the evil Meepit overlords of Neopia! Now finding these much needed items can be very time consuming so here is my guide to everything you need to please the Meepit overlords.


So lets break this down into three categories, The Petpets themselves and the colours you can get them in, then we will move onto Meepit items you can buy with Neopoints, and finally Meepit items that come from the NC Mall and require real money to buy them!


The Meepits




Ok lets start with the 4 base colours, The basic Meepit (pink), Blue, Yellow and Green! You can pick up a basic Meepit for around 11,000 Neopoints in the spooky petpet shop.




They are rarity 98 so you will have to be super lucky to get one in this way. You can also buy one from another player for around 1.7 million Neopoints!


To get a Blue, Yellow, or Green Meepit you will need the correct Petpet Paint Brush and a trip to the rainbow pool’s petpet puddle



Blue Petpet Paint Brush150,000 Neopoints

Yellow Petpet Paint Brush – 70,000 Neopoints

Green Petpet Paint Brush – 110,000 Neopoints

Then we move on to the cheapest Meepit Paint Brush option which is Christmas.

Since you can pick up a Christmas Petpet Paint Brush for around 8,000 Neopoints, this makes Christmas the second Cheapest Meepit to get, behind only the basic Meepit.


Lets move on and see what other Paint Brush combinations you can create.


Faerie Petpet Paint Brush1 Million Neopoints.


Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush100,000 Neopoints.


Fire Petpet Paint Brush140,000 Neopoints.


Grey Petpet Paint Brush300,000 Neopoints.


White Petpet Paint Brush220,000 Neopoints.


Ghost Petpet Paint Brush150,000 Neopoints.


Red Petpet Paint Brush90,000 Neopoints.


Island Petpet Paint Brush330,000 Neopoints.


Dung Petpet Paint Brush40,000 Neopoints.


Snow Petpet Paint Brush30,000 Neopoints.


Starry Petpet Paint Brush100,000 Neopoints.


Robot Petpet Paint Brush110,000 Neopoints.


Disco Petpet Paint Brush130,000 Neopoints.


Glowing Petpet Paint Brush40,000 Neopoints.


Zombie Petpet Paint Brush100,000 Neopoints.


Halloween Petpet Paint Brush100,000 Neopoints.


Royal Petpet Paint Brush400,000 Neopoints.


Darigan Petpet Paint Brush270,000 Neopoints.


Stealthy Petpet Paint Brush550,000 Neopoints.


Mutant Petpet Paint Brush450,000 Neopoints.


So now I have shown you all the Paint Brush options for your meepit, but wait… isnt there more colours available?!


Why yes there is


But these colours can ONLY come from owning the Petpet Lab Ray. Which also means you will need access to the Secret Laboratory. So lets see what crazy colours you can get from the Petpet lab



There would be no way in which to put these Meepits into your gllery as once you remove them from the pet they revert back to whatever they were before you zapped them. That would not stop die hard collectors though, as premium members can have 5 pets, and there is 5 lab ray only Meepits…




I think not my friend…. I think not!!




Meepit Items


Now that you have managed to collect all the Meepits, and formed your own Evil Army of adorableness, its time to move on and collect some Meepit Items. Dont worry Im here to take you through a list of all the Meepit Items sorted by price




















This concludes the list of all the items with Meepit in the name, now lets take a look and see what else we can find that would be part of a Meepit Collection…..





Now we are moving on to Neocash Items, which are Items that come from the NC Mall. These items cost REAL MONEY to buy, not Neopoints! I Have organized the list by price…










And with that, my Meepit Collectors Guide is complete. I Hope you enjoyed this Guide, Keep your eyes peeled for more guides coming soon!

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