Wheel of Excitement

Posted by toadsage On January - 11 - 2014

The Wheel Of Excitement


Step right up and give the Wheel of Excitement a spin! Round and round it goes… Where it stops, only the Faeries know.

  • Cost per spin – 500 Neopoints
  • Delay between spins – 2 Hours
  • Wheel location – Faerieland
  • Avatar game – Yes


This wheel is one of the most popular wheels in Neopia,because of the many good prizes. You can win some pretty nifty things from it,as well as some pretty rotten stuff too! The Lava Ghoul and The Pant Devil hang out on this wheel and if you land on their spot be prepared for bad things!

The Prizes


A Your pet is zapped with lightening and loses some health points.

BAll your pets are healed

CYou win 2,500 Neopoints

DYou win 500 Neopoints

EYou are attacked by the Lava Ghoul, your pet loses some health points.

FYou receive a random magical item, including morphing potions

GYou win 1,000 Neopoints

HThis appears to have no effect since the new battledome was released.

IYour pet comes down with a case of chickaroo

JYou win a random amount of Neopoints between 100 and 350 Neopoints

KYou win 5,000 Neopoints

LThis does nothing at all.

MYou get an item stolen by The Pant Devil

NYou win 400 Neopoints

OYou win the jackpot of 20,000 Neopoints and get a spiffy avatar too.

PThis grants an ability point to any pet with already active abilities

Boon Bonus

Order of the Red Erisim, The Awakened, and The Sway give the opportunity of activating the Right Round Round Round boon if you side with them and they emerge victorious from the Battleground of the Obelisk. When selected, this boon allows you to spin the wheel twice in each waiting period. You have to refresh the page after your first spin before you can spin again. With this boon you get two spins every two hours as long as the boon is active.

The Revamp

In July of 2010 Neopets ran a campaign called “Save The Wheels”. This event was run by the Neopian Conservation Society and they collected donations to revamp one wheel per week. The wheel of excitements save the wheel campaign ran from July 7th – 13th. After the event the new look wheel Of Excitement was revealed!


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